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Description of KTI AMI Life cycle Support Services

The following diagram models KTI AMI Life Cycle Support Services.  These services provide for a comprehensive decision making approach of a stage-gate process through the evolution of the AMI application.

Phase I, is the AMI cost benefit analysis. We apply KTI’s AMI Business Model to examine all aspects of the AMI application for the Utility. The results of the model produce a detailed business case and economic payback of the AMI application. These results provide a decision making framework for the first staged gate to proceed with the AMI investment. Once developed, the AMI Model will be updated with bid results to support evaluation of AMI vendors.   The KTI AMI Business Model has been used by over 50 utilities nationwide to predict detailed financial forecasts for cash flow, income statement and balance sheet data.  

Phase II, results in an AMI vendor evaluation and selection.  During this phase, KTI consultants facilitate a team-based effort to define the technical requirements, specifications, and criteria of the desired AMI application.  These results then form the basis for the development of a bid document for vendors to respond with their quotations.  We develop the bid request in a format that provides for consistent response from each of the alternative vendors to evaluate bids on consistent terms and factors.   Next, we facilitate the team through an objective decision making process evaluating vendors against the defined evaluation criteria.  This includes coordinating vendor responses, arranging technical presentation requirements, and assisting staff in providing technical responses to vendor questions.  Our technical expertise in metering and AMI applications serves our client to highlight key features, costs, technical capabilities, and feasibilities of the proposed AMI deployment from the vendor responses.  Finally, KTI consultants will work with the Utility’s staff to ensure that the bid process is managed according to your requirements. 


Once a vendor is selected, the Utility enters the next stage of the AMI implementation cycle:  the AMI project deployment (Phase III).  During this stage of the process, KTI consultant provides important project management assistance, project planning, and resource planning services to achieve successful deployment.  This includes facilitating joint vendor and Utility workshops to detail project activities, clarify roles and responsibilities, resolve operational issues, confirm compliance on the contract terms, and to define key success factors.  Throughout this effort, we work on the Utility’s behalf to ensure successful deployment.  This involves holding both the vendor and the Utility accountable to meet key deliverables of the project deployment schedule.