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AMI Industry Database

Nationwide, public power companies are among the most aggressive at deploying advanced technologies to improve the efficiency of electric distribution and back-office operations. KTI recognizes that integration of AMI systems to billing, outage, GIS, meter data management and other related systems is essential for assisting utilities with reduced administrative costs and superior performance. KTI, along with clients and associates track the industry and have developed a database that tracks which system is in use at what utility for GIS, OMS, SCADA, AMI, CIS and other applications. Our members and clients are able to access our industry database to identify closely matched reference accounts for any of these related systems.

For further information about our database and services, please contact: rep@katamatech.com.

AMI Answers

We answer challenging and practical questions about AMI systems.   Contact us, we can help: rep@katamatech.com.