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Why Consider Katama Technologies

KTI’s purpose is to serve as an advocate and a professional implementation resource for public utilities. We possess a unique combination of industry experience in developing and delivering AMI solutions as well as numerous successful deployments at public power utilities nationwide. Both of these enhance our ability to meet your strategic needs in assessing and implementing operational automation systems such as SCADA and AMI.  

Experience and Affiliation

Our principals have served the industry with development and delivery of AMI and SCADA systems to utilities worldwide. We have used this experience to support Cooperative, Municipal and Public Utility Districts nationally for the last five years. As a Business Associate of the NRECA National Consulting Group, Katama Technologies has proven to be a strong resource for public power company interests when negotiating contracts for system automation technologies.

Powerful Tools and Objective Assessments

Our goal is to provide you with accurate, objective and thorough assessment for critical business decisions so that you arrive at the right answer for your specific opportunity. We believe the decision to move ahead with, or pass by, a specific automation technology depends upon a series of careful and client-specific analyses. Our comprehensive and adaptable Business Models are designed as tools for changing circumstances and to monitor various phases of project deployment.